Advocating for consumers and workers- The community of Pueblo is home to a large proportion of low-income individuals, yet shoulders some of the highest energy costs in the state.

In her four years at the State House, Rep. Daneya Esgar has not only brought these issues to light, but worked toward solutions for consumers of public utilities and those working in the energy industry. She has worked closely with her colleagues at the Capitol and advocates in the community to address exploitive energy rates from Black Hills Energy and other public utilities. She has sponsored various bills that would expand membership of the Public Utilities Commission as well as create guardrails that would keep industry insiders from being able to serve on the commission.

Beyond that she has introduced legislation that would ensure that individuals working for public utilities will be able to continue working in their field as the energy industry adapts and moves toward clean energy. Though the Republican majority in the Senate has prevented any of these bills from becoming law, Rep. Esgar has made a name for herself as an advocate for public utility consumers and employees alike, especially those in her community.