Long before Rep. Esgar ran for office, she was a community organizer who worked to help Southern Coloradans secure health insurance. Though she was already aware of the lack of access to affordable health care in the state, this organizing work allowed her to see how access to affordable health care could change lives.

She has taken this wisdom with her to the Capitol where she is the Vice Chair of the Health Insurance and Environment Committee and sponsored various bills to make health care more accessible and affordable in every corner of Colorado.  Serving a community that has a large population enrolled in a Medicaid or Medicare program has informed her work, especially when it comes to addressing the opioid epidemic, which has rocked Pueblo, like many communities across the country. 

Taking a multifaceted approach to address the health care needs of her community and the state, Rep. Esgar has fought to expand access to a spectrum of services especially in rural areas, where she has worked to keep hospitals open as well as to build out robust programs to address addiction that include behavioral therapy and strategic medication treatment.